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To our Community Partners, Supporters, and Donors

Chehalem Youth and Family Services Behavior Rehabilitative Services (BRS) program has been given a 30 day Intent To Revoke notice of our license by DHS.  Since recently completing a comprehensive review process this spring without further required actions, we were all stunned by the recent article on DHS's Intent to Revoke CYFS's residential services license. This is a highly politicized issue stemming from DHS's failure to prevent major abuses in the Give Us This Day program and their failure to meet any of their Own standards required by the Federal government. Our state is at risk of losing billions of dollars in Federal funds because of DHS problems, and now they are over compensating with rampant frivolous investigations and findings that make no common sense just to prove they are doing something.

CYFS and other providers are fighting back. CYFS has become a lightning rod in the situation because of our advocacy for quality care, justice, and common sense. Now OAAPI, the investigative arm of the state, is under investigation itself and it is about time. Already 17 youth  programs have closed in the last 19 months across the state. As a result, our state's youth are routinely sleeping in DHS offices and in hotel rooms with caseworkers which is appalling. Of course none of this meets DHS's own licencing standards.

CYFS has always welcomed the partnership we have with DHS and this notification of Intent to Revoke License is being embraced by CYFS as another step toward building the increasingly high level of caring and therapeutic services these children, who have struggled with other services, need. With numerous changes that Behavioral Residential Services has gone through in our state over the past few years, it is even more pivotal to build a healthy and strong partnership with DHS and those we partner with each day. We look forward to the continued growth that CYFS along with DHS will be going through to better the welfare of those whom we serve. 

CYFS is appealing the Intent to Revoke License. We believe this recent action will be reversed as DHS is held accountable for their actions.  We look forward to continuing to provide quality care to our states youth in our BRS program with the support of our community.


Hope & Healing...Every Child Matters!

CYFS is a nonprofit organization in Newberg, Oregon where we provide residential services, counseling, supervised visitation and other services for children and families of Oregon.

Through our valuable services, CYFS is changing the lives of local youth and families. 

CYFS Programs:

Chehalem Counseling Center

Family First Supervised Visitation Program

● Family Advocacy & Support Team (FAST)

Lucky Finds Thrift & Gift Shop

● My First Job Vocational Training Program

Residential Care

Youth Opportunity Occupations Program (YOOP!)

Mentoring Connection

CYFS honors the importance of the family within healthy communities and a just society. We believe children and families thrive where self-determination, unconditional love, acceptance, affirmation of strengths and accountability provide respect, dignity and hope. We affirm the value of diversity and individual differences which enrich life. It is our mission to encourage and empower youth and their families to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and to reach their highest potential through training, counseling and treatment. CYFS is a Christian Service Organization. 

Love   |    Justice   |     Truth   |     Freedom   |     Faith   |     Hope  

A Special Thank You!

We want to thank all the attendees, volunteers, donors and sponsors from the bottom of our hearts for their participation and generous support of the 6th Annual Chehalem Youth & Family Services (CYFS) Rubies & Roses Benefit Ball held on June 4, 2016! We are grateful to everyone who came together to make this year’s event so amazing! With all the contributions, we are thankful and happy to report that we’ve reached an unofficial Benefit Ball total of $87,098, our most highly attended and successful event in its history! This annual fundraiser provides revenue to help fund our non-profit organization to provide a full range of programs and services in the community to include Residential Care for youth, Youth Opportunity Occupations Program (YOOP!), Chehalem Counseling Center, and Lucky Finds Thrift and Gift Store.

Filled with hope for the New Year? Planning to make 2016 your happiest and healthiest year yet?

Looking to find more joy, peace, love, fun, and contentment this year? Let a professional counselor at the Chehalem Counseling Center accompany you on your journey. With personal rapport and support, your counselor can help you develop skills to meet your goals, and create a plan to expand your comfort zone, try new things, and go on more adventures. Whether you would like to be more mindful and find the positive in everyday life, enhance your relationships through improved communication, increase your ability to focus, or find more support in the middle of life’s ups and downs, a counselor can help. The Chehalem Counseling Center accepts the Oregon Health Plan and most private insurance plans. Call today to schedule an appointment and take a step toward a happier, healthier you.


Breanna's Art Elements Win

For Decembers Art Walk 2015, Art Elements Gallery on 1st Street, sponsored a "selfie" event. The challenge was to put down your cell phone and "draw" a selfie. As we all know, we are so much more than the wrapping of our facial look. We are our music, our art, our athletic abilities and so much more.

The Residential Services kids took on the challenge and their best expressive art work was entered into the ages 13-16 drawing group. Breanna's "Celestial Creation" was entered because it expressed her willingness to wildly experiment, to take risks even when they may not work out or "dry" as hoped for and her enthusiasm.

Breanna won a $200.00 basket of art supplies from Art Elements Gallery and The Art Group TAG added all of the supplies which Breanna has used in her art experiment. Way to go to all of the participants!!


OCF Community Grant Awarded To CYFS!

We're pleased to announce that Chehalem Youth & Family Services received a grant in the amount of $20,000 from the Oregon Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation on November 24, 2015. The purpose of the grant is for one of three years' potential support for the Family Advocacy and Support Team, helping families on the Oregon Health Plan access health care, behavioral health, and basic-needs services. For more information, contact the Chehalem Counseling Center at (503)538-4874

CYFS, a Smoke-Free Workplace

CYFS is dedicated to having a smoke-free workplace because we care about the health of our employees and the youth we serve. Statistically, most smokers want to quit. If you or someone you know are interested in getting help to quit smoking, the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line is a great place to start. Those who receive effective treatment are 2-3 times more likely to quit - and that is a huge difference! 
It is FREE!!!!! Call today to get on the path towards a healthier, happier life. 
There are many other resources, found on our "Community Resources" page under "Get Help to Stop Smoking"
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