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A Special Thank You!

We want to thank all the attendees, volunteers, donors and sponsors from the bottom of our hearts for their participation and generous support of the 6th Annual Chehalem Youth & Family Services (CYFS) Rubies & Roses Benefit Ball held on June 4, 2016! We are grateful to everyone who came together to make this year’s event so amazing! With all the contributions, we are thankful and happy to report that we’ve reached an unofficial Benefit Ball total of $87,098, our most highly attended and successful event in its history! This annual fundraiser provides revenue to help fund our non-profit organization to provide a full range of programs and services in the community to include Residential Care for youth, Youth Opportunity Occupations Program (YOOP!), Chehalem Counseling Center, and Lucky Finds Thrift and Gift Store.

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by Dr. Radut.