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Are you the one that can bring light into a teen's life? Do you have the compassion and understanding to bring hope and healing to a struggling youth? If you answered yes, CYFS may have the job for you.

Consider this: your involvement could impact the life of an adolescent child who is at-risk, feeling hopeless and has little to no self-esteem. The children we serve thrive on attention from healthy adults who can look beyond the trauma-induced responses to structure and recognize the potential of each child to heal and grow. 

CYFS is a non-profit Christian service organization where we provide a wide array of services to families and youth, and are well-known for providing residential services for marginalized youth. CYFS values the importance of positive progress and inspiring hope, as each employee believes that children and families can grow and change. Our mission is to help adolescent kids by giving unconditional love, acceptance, and affirmation of strengths, therefore allowing the youth to thrive within various support structures. Our programs instill hope in our kids by allowing them to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and to reach their highest potential through training, counseling and treatment. 

Newberg, population approx. 24,000, is nestled in the Chehalem Valley which is 30 miles from Portland.  The greater Newberg area is rich in wine grape production and hazelnut orchards that attract visitors from across the country and from abroad. Newberg is a family oriented community with access to a variety of recreational and educational activities. 

Do you have college loans and want Perkins Loan Forgiveness?

Working at CYFS, a qualifying Public Service agency, can qualify you for debt forgiveness on your student loans. You can learn more information on the Federal Student Aid website.

Do you have the compassion and understanding to bring hope? If you are looking for meaningful, satisfying work then think about joining our team of dedicated employees.

Please review the current list of employment opportunities!

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