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Reflections from Winter 2012 Newsletter


At CYFS we often care for children who have been traumatized by violence so even though I love Annie Oakley and the wild, wild west stories, I am not much for guns & shooting. The statistics and stories about accidental & intentional wounding and death leave me leaning towards limiting our fascination with guns for the sake of the common good (my apologies to all you hunters). I do support constitutional rights to bear arms, even at the risk of some day being confronted by an armed criminal, but I still add it all up as better for society as a whole to “beat (our) swords into a plow share” and (our) “spears into a pruning hook” Isaiah 2:04 and limit guns to law enforcement and to those without dangerous histories. We remove driver’s licenses for drunk driving, why would we want someone “under the influence” or drunk to carry a gun? Statistics on gun deaths are interesting. Most are suicides or family related.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has received more and more attention in the media with our troops coming home, whether here or abroad, many have been wounded in ways far deeper than the flesh. Patterns of involuntary loss of emotional control, violence, fight & flight are all common. The results of trauma are treatable; healing & recovery are not only possible, but are an important part of the therapeutic work of the Chehalem Counseling Center and Youth Opportunity (Yoop).
I remember the clever words of Lewis Carroll, who said “if you aim at nothing you are sure to hit it”.  At CYFS programs, e.g. as the Chehalem Counseling Clinic, Youth Opportunity (Yoop) and in the youth homes, we focus like true marksmen aiming at the target; but our target is empowering people to live positive, contributing lives and our weapons aren’t ballistic, they are therapeutic; safety, security, active listening, wisdom, compassion, encouragement, planning for success, skills training and prayer.
In 2012 we have taken steady & careful aim and with the help of so many of you donors, board members, volunteers, and staff we are able to hit the mark.
Special thanks to Job Growers, Inc., Oregon Community Foundation, Providence Community Grants Council and United Way for their support to the work of  CYFS in 2012.

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by Dr. Radut.